CODEPINK is taking a delegation to Yemen, and we need your help raising money in order to make this trip possible. Your generosity will help us reach Yemen and provide the funding for necessary expenditures while we are there, such as assisting drone strike survivors with medical needs, and providing monetary support for the families of Guantanamo prisoners who have been cleared for release (but are still imprisoned).

With little acknowledgment or even compensation by the U.S. government, civilians living under drones have faced severe physical and mental trauma. The delegation would like to provide help with their medical needs and we need your help in doing that.

The delegation would also like to meet with some of the survivors of US drone strikes and Gantanamo families, but traveling to some of the remote areas will be difficult for security reasons. For both the safety of the family and the delegation, we have been advised to bring the families to the capitol so they can talk freely and openly about their experiences. This will also be a great opportunity to host a press conference and invite Yemeni decision-makers to listen directly to families who are most impacted. In order for this to happen, we will need to pay for their travel costs and stay. Your support to make this possible is greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

* INTERNATIONAL donors may send their donations via paypal to our Cofounder Jodie Evans, at

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