Urgent Hurricane Sandy Relief for Girls on the Lower East Side

Make a donation today to support girls on Manhattan's Lower East Side. On Monday night, October 29th, Hurricane Sandy came roaring through the Lower East Side / East Village in Manhattan. 

As Rosario Dawson wrote, "All of the families of Lower Eastside Girls Club members have been impacted by this disaster. Without electricity for almost a week, everything in their refrigerators has spoiled and needs to be replaced. Those living on lower floors also need to replace flood soaked furniture and clothing.

But perhaps the greatest loss, the unseen loss, has been in wages. The parents of these girls are day workers, nurses aides, deli countermen, and retail clerks. With no subways to get to work this week, they are facing diminished paychecks. It is these ‘little things’ that can really set a family back: needing to restock the fridge, not being able to pay the cell phone bill, or buy your child those new winter boots (they grow so fast)."

CODEPINK has teamed up with the Lower Eastside Girls Club before, and they need our help now more than ever. Pitch in to make a huge difference to one family or more, and every dollar you donate, up to $5000, will be matched by CODEPINK.

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You can also send a check to the Lower East Side Girls Club, 56 East First Street, New York, NY, 10003.

If you live outside the US and wish to make a donation you can also donate on Paypal to "heartofj@gmail.com" or contact us at info@codepink.org or (310) 827-4320.