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Occupy Wall Street and the "occupies" all over the country, and world, represent the rise of a resistance movement to the current militaristic, capitalist system that serves the greed of the 1% at the expense of the rest of society. Women have been and will continue to be central to this resistance, and also have faced issues of sexism and violence within the movement. is a resource providing information, dialogue, online resources, and sharing of best practices and concerns for women and our allies.

To promote and preserve women’s voices we need to actively collect and archive women’s stories. To help grow women’s presence we need to foster an online community of support and a sharing of best practices and inspiration. Women Occupy will be responsive to the needs of the women with in the occupy movement to serve as a conduit to those who can fill the needs.

Your support is needed and much appreciated.   Imagine an uprising of women in the Occupy Movement with specific and targeted actions this Spring 2012.  Imagine trainings for women in leadership and using their voices. There is much to be done and the moment is now.

Thank you!

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