Truth or Lies: What’s the Real Threat to National Security?

This week two media makers, the Times of London and Wikileaks, released ugly truths about US military engagement in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In Afghanistan, after initially denying involvement in the deaths of two pregnant Afghan women and a teenage girl, the US-led military command in Kabul admitted that its forces had killed the women and removed the bullets from their bodies to cover up their crime.

The cover-up continues in Iraq. WikiLeaks obtained and decrypted a previously unreleased video footage from a US Apache helicopter in 2007 showing American soldiers brutally massacring Iraqi civilians and Reuters journalists. The military is now backpedaling, saying that the video lacks context while the Pentagon cannot find its own copy of the tape but has declared war on WikiLeaks, calling it a “national security threat.”

Investigate, don't cover up! We strongly condemn the cover-ups and the move to censor media outlets that expose the truth. The truth is not a threat to our national security, however the flagrant lack of accountability is certainly a threat to our democracy.

The wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have proven to be rife with corruption, excessive spending, needless loss of life, violence and tragedy. And these two incidents present the most damaging documentation of abuse since the Abu Ghraib prison-torture photos.

As people of conscience, we can’t stand by and allow these killings to continue. We want to:

  • end air wars, including the deadly drone attacks in Afghanistan and Pakistan;
  • end night raids that sow terror and abuse;
  • hold the soldiers and higher ups accountable for their actions, including General McChrystal;
  • get Congress to hold hearings on these atrocities.


We will deliver it to the Pentagon and the Arms Services committee next week!

Accountability - Military Killings April 2010