Help Get Prime Time Ads on the Air:
Tell Attorney General Eric Holder to Prosecute Torture

President Obama and Eric Holder say that waterboarding is torture and that it's illegal. Holder said in Newsweek and elsewhere that he's considering appointing a special prosecutor to investigate,
but hinting that he'll only prosecute the individuals who tortured people to death.

You see, those people went beyond the legal guidelines provided by John Yoo, Jay Bybee and others
at the Department of Justice and Department of Defense which said it was legal to torture detainees but kill them.

But that's not good enough.

In order to put this behind us and move forward Holder needs to prosecute the policy-makers-- Cheney, Addington, Rumsfeld, Bybee, Yoo, Haynes, Bush and others who have publicly admitted ordering the torture.

David Ippolito, whose brilliant music video "Resolution" is giving focus and hope to the torture accountability effort, made three 30-second ads to air on national prime time television shows Countdown With Keith Olbermann, the Rachel Maddow Show, the Jon Stewart Daily Show and Stephen Colbert.

Watch "Resolution" and the ads at, and then make a donation to help air the ads on national prime time tv. The ads were made by a professional team including an Emmy-award winning filmmaker, and expert editors, musicians, and technicians.

CODEPINK, National Accountability Network, Veterans for Peace, Progressive Democrats of America, the Backbone Campaign, High Road for Human Rights,, and afterdowningstreet have endorsed the ads.

We need everyone who wants Cheney and his team of torture enablers brought to justice to donate for the ads.

Your donations of any amount will get the ads aired nationally. The more we can raise the more times we can air the ads and the more likely it is that Holder will do his job and prosecute Cheney and the others who did these shameful, illegal things.

This is our big chance to make things right. Join us!
NOTE: When the ads are broadcast in San Francisco August 5-7 they will generate calls and emails to Attorney General Holder, asking him to do his job and prosecute the war criminals who violated U.S. and international law, and brought shame to our country, made the world more dangerous, and established a policy of torturing children and innocent people who have no actionable intelligence to provide. And the ads will generate media attention, helping to build and amplify the voices calling for prosecution and resolution of this sorry state of affairs.

For more information contact, CODEPINK Golden Gate Chapter.

We are a 501-C3 org and your contribution is tax deductible. Our tax exemption number is: 26-2823386

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