US State Department: Protect US Citizens and End US Aid to Egypt!

Sign this petition to the State Department. Demand to know why they did not assist a peaceful US citizen who was being abused by the Egyptian authorities, and let them know you want to ensure that the US does not resume military aid to Egypt!

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Number Date Name Location Messages of Outrage:
4729 2 months ago Fernando Castro ot
4728 8 months ago Kimberly Wyke ME
4727 8 months ago JIM HEAD MI
4726 8 months ago Anonymous TX
4725 9 months ago Theo Block NJ
4724 9 months ago Pilar Escudero Carrión ot
4723 10 months ago Jeanne Davis MA
4722 10 months ago Anonymous NJ Why are we supporting with military aid a corrupt "government" that treats both its own citizens and those of other nations with brutality?
4721 10 months ago Anonymous FL
4720 10 months ago Mike S Goodman WI Investigatewhy Medea was hassled by ARE officials!
4719 10 months ago Anonymous ME I am utterly outraged that you treat people who are peace volunteers in such a way. what benefits do you get from treating people thus. Shame on you. You should welcome any gentle help towards the...
4718 10 months ago Sana Elmesky FL
4717 10 months ago Charlie Keil CT It is so sad. I'm 74 and over the past half century I've watched America's bureaucrats, diplomats, politicians become bystanders to each others' sleaziness, sliminess, cowardice, numbness. Nobody w...
4716 10 months ago Justin Soleil NY
4715 10 months ago Cindy Santos FL
4714 10 months ago David Kleiman TX The embassy must support Americans in need. You have let us down.
4713 10 months ago Lorraine (Lorrie) Norby CA Our relationship with Egypt must be re-evaluated. Who knows? The police who assaulted Ms. Benjamin may be paid for with U.S. tax dollars!
4712 10 months ago Carl Sims OK
4711 10 months ago Earl Dolven SC
4710 10 months ago Kathleen Malley-Morrison MA
4709 10 months ago John Ernest CA I love to travel, but as a US citizen I am afraid to travel to Egypt
4708 10 months ago Shereen Sabet CA
4707 11 months ago Yvonne Steffen CA
4706 11 months ago Judith Jackson CO
4705 11 months ago Casey Jo Remy ID
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