Senator Mikulski: Drone Victims Deserve Compensation!

Sign this petition to Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Mikulski, and tell her that civilian drone victims in both Yemen and Pakistan deserve and need compensation!

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3662 9 hours ago Timothy Fasano NY An essential step in any counter-terrorism effort is recruiting allies through responsible global citizenship. We cannot continue to show wanton disregard for civilian life and expect to foster supp...
3661 22 hours ago Silvan Erb-Summers Boulder , CO The Drone Program is creating more terrorists than it is eliminating. Can't you see this.
3660 1 day ago Angela Garris Rimersburgh, PA
3659 1 day ago John-Michael Talboo Pulaski, PA
3658 1 day ago Kim Talboo Pulaski, PA
3657 1 day ago Hector Santana Eastvale, CA
3656 2 days ago Rodrigo Vogeler Washington D.C., DC this is an atrocity and should be stopped now. The United States does not have the right to kill whoever, whenever, or wherever they think there is an "imminent threat".
3655 3 days ago Patricia Gillespie NC
3654 3 weeks ago Lisa LeBlanc Austin, TX
3653 3 weeks ago Susan Brannon OR Stop the strikes, not in my name. Compensate the children and families.
3652 2 months ago Kulsum A Fremont, CA Please help innocent civilians who have done NOTHING to deserve drones. Stop the war.
3651 2 months ago Stephanie Sayasy Sacramento, CA
3650 3 months ago magnus aburime atlanta, GA
3649 3 months ago Kimberly Wyke Camden, ME
3648 3 months ago Carlos Vargas El Paso, TX
3647 3 months ago Jaleel Guimba Johannesburg , ot Please these attacks are hurting many people and they need to end as they violate human rights
3646 3 months ago Alix Daniel London, The use of drones is an act of terrorism against populations. it is an act against humanity, it should stop.
3645 4 months ago BARBARA C charleston, SC
3644 4 months ago Katia Valdes CA
3643 4 months ago Genna Kules Takoma Park, MD
3642 5 months ago Michael Calavano NJ
3641 5 months ago Richard Perras Rensselaer, NY
3640 5 months ago Richard Perras Rensselaer, NY
3639 5 months ago Mike S Goodman Madison, WI Money for drone victims, NOT CIA scum!
3638 5 months ago An Phan Madison, WI
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