Senator Mikulski: Drone Victims Deserve Compensation!

Sign this petition to Chairwoman of the Senate Appropriations Committee, Senator Mikulski, and tell her that civilian drone victims in both Yemen and Pakistan deserve and need compensation!

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3636 6 days ago Beverley Walter Riverside, IL
3635 1 week ago Roman Karliczek MI
3634 1 week ago Linda Kuruhara Lincoln, CA
3633 1 week ago Yareli Acuna Pacoima, CA Disgusting
3632 1 week ago Mohideen Abdul Kader Kader Georgetown, ot
3631 2 weeks ago Sheryl Noethe Missoula, MT Show us that America is great. Stop murdering.
3630 3 weeks ago Ellen Davis CA
3629 3 weeks ago Inke Loos ot
3628 3 weeks ago kahlia fletcher
3627 4 weeks ago Kimberly Hart NC
3626 4 weeks ago Ken Lee Loris , SC It's not just attacks in other countries that are occuring; they are occurring here in the U.S.! Drones flew over my house for several weekends in October and November 2012. After repeated flyings o...
3625 1 month ago Dana Greathouse Englewood, OH
3624 1 month ago janiss okumura placerville, CA This is against international laws. This inhumane use of drones must come to an end. The CIA and military are responsible for the death of too many innocent people in Pakistan,Yemen and Afghanistan....
3623 1 month ago Hannah Elhard New Orleans, LA
3622 1 month ago Diane Carmody Florida, NY
3621 2 months ago Stephanie Read Gatineau, QC Ground the Drones, it is inhumane to use them!
3620 2 months ago Diana Witcher Menomonie, WI Every global citizen is entitled to human rights. Please make sure this important aid reaches the victims of this shameful practice.
3619 2 months ago Thomas Bottom Rochester, NY
3618 2 months ago Isaac Wollman San Luis Obispo, CA
3617 2 months ago Caroline Scullin West Chester , PA This type of warfare is destructive and yet cyclical. The only thing that drones guarantee is never ending war. Enough is enough. To kill should never be easy; and this type of warfare does just ...
3616 2 months ago Eugene Crawdord Coopersburg , PA ...Drones are the most evil devises kown to mankind to date !
... Where does it all stop !? This is a bad stain on our nation ! No one can justify insanity !
...To kill human life witho...
3615 3 months ago Marcy Ringness MN
3614 3 months ago Usha Pillai MA
3613 3 months ago cynthia tiedeman omaha, NE
3612 3 months ago Jody Mackey Olympia, WA
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