Women Occupy Pledge to Say NO to Bank of America!

Bank of America is not "too big to fail", it has been failing our communities for years. With Bank of America deep in their pockets, we cannot trust our elected officials to take a stand for our families and our futures.

It is time for women to pledge to empower ourselves and our communities by saying no to big banks. Big bankers get rich from our stimulus packages funded by our tax dollars. We want our money back! We can't afford to fail.

Will you pledge to resist Bank of America?

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259 11 months ago Bobbie Hensley
258 11 months ago Anonymous
257 11 months ago Eljay Marquez
256 11 months ago Donna Clifford
255 11 months ago Sylvia Frausch
254 11 months ago Patti Roberson
253 11 months ago Dorothy Emerson
252 11 months ago Joe Gerrido
251 11 months ago Art Ivan
250 11 months ago Anonymous
249 11 months ago Anonymous
248 11 months ago Anonymous
247 11 months ago Kem Walker
246 11 months ago Meihar Bapillas
245 11 months ago Fury Young
244 12 months ago Stasa Zajovic
243 12 months ago Diana Brunswig-Bosso
242 12 months ago Anonymous
241 12 months ago Ellen Wasfi
240 12 months ago Chip Ashley
239 12 months ago Elaine Fischer
238 12 months ago Sharon McCarthy
237 12 months ago David Niskanen
236 12 months ago Anonymous
235 12 months ago Vic Burton
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Women Occupy, it's time to stand up and fight back. Fight for justice, fight for security, fight for our communities. The people are too big to fail. Bank of America is Bad for America!