Michelle Obama: Tell Barack to Close Guantanamo Prison!

"For me, Mother's Day is a day of grief. Every day is a day of grief. My son Abdurahman Shabati is a prisoner at Guantánamo, and has been cleared for release since January of 2007. The United State’s government has stolen my son’s youth, and stolen our family’s peace and happiness. Don’t they realize we are human beings, not stones? That we suffer just like they would if they had lost their children? This Mother’s Day, you can help me and other mothers reunite with our sons by appealing to the First Lady of the United States: Tell Michelle Obama to urge her husband to close Guantánamo now."

-Om Abdurahman, mother of Guantánamo detainee Abdurahman Shabati, who has been held for 12 years and cleared for release for over 6 years.

This Mothers Day, help Om Abdurahman and the other mothers of Guantanmo prisoners reunite with their sons by telling Michelle Obama to tell her husband to close Guantanamo Bay Prison immediately.