Demand justice for Aaron Swartz: Support reform of Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

Tens of thousands of people have used the White House's petition site to demand that President Obama fire Aaron Swartz's prosecutor Carmen Ortiz -- easily surpassing the 25,000 signature threshold that's supposed to guarantee a response. Aaron died more than two weeks ago, but the White House still hasn't even issued a statement.

We've been waiting far too long. Help us demand answers from the White House.  It's enough already: They need to respond to our calls and fire Ortiz. There's some good news to report:  The House Oversight Committee has responded to our requests and is calling for a briefing on Aaron's prosecution from the Department of Justice. That's because what happened to Aaron looks far more like a persecution than a prosecution: Ortiz wanted him to serve upwards of 35 years in federal prison for downloading too many ACADEMIC ARTICLES.

We've demanded answers, Congress is demanding answers.  It's time for the White House to stop ignoring us.

Add your name below to tell Obama to stop stonewalling us and fire Ortiz!