John Brennan and the CIA: a dangerous combination

Please sign this petition to urge the Senators of the Intelligence Committee to reject John Brennan’s nomination to be head of the CIA or, at the very least, ask tough questions during his confirmation hearings about both Brennan and the CIA’s profligate use of drones.

Dear Senators of the Intelligence Committee,

On January 7 President Obama nominated John Brennan to be the next Director of the CIA. We, the undersigned, oppose this nomination because John Brennan, in his role as Obama’s counterterrorism chief, has overseen the massive expansion of the lethal drone program that has led to the deaths of many innocent people and an explosion of anti-American sentiment across the Muslim world.

We are also concerned about the very same issues that caused Brennan to withdraw his nomination in 2008, i.e. his close association with the practices of torture and extraordinary rendition under the Bush administration.

You should only support candidates who have a proven commitment to the international rule of law, and who are committed to stopping the CIA involvement in extrajudicial killings and moving the organization back to its legally-mandated role of intelligence gathering.

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