Tell US Ambassador to Pakistan: End Drone Strikes!

During the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan in October 2012, delegates will deliver this petition to Ambassador Munter at the US Embassy in Islamabad. Please add your name below.

Dear Ambassador Munter,

We are deeply opposed to the use of killer drones in Pakistan, and the innocent victims and families of drone strikes deserve compensation for the terror they have been subjected to at the hands of the CIA and President Obama's kill list.

As supporters of the CODEPINK Peace Delegation to Pakistan, we believe the delegation's approach models the way our government should be acting in Pakistan, through negotiations and diplomacy. We want to be working with tribal leaders, not killing them. Please end the killer drone strikes now, and compensate the victims.

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3493 Mon Jan 26 07:25:18 EST 2015 Alina Beary Waco, TX The military use of drones is not just unethical - it is evil. It must stop.
3492 Mon Sep 29 22:01:36 EDT 2014 Kim Talboo Pulaski, PA
3491 Mon Sep 29 22:01:10 EDT 2014 John-Michael Talboo Pulaski, PA
3490 Mon Sep 29 22:00:37 EDT 2014 Angela Garris Rimersburgh, PA
3489 Thu Sep 18 03:15:43 EDT 2014 Sara Jabeen Karachi,
3488 Tue Jul 15 19:36:39 EDT 2014 Kimberly Wyke Camden, ME
3487 Fri May 23 17:23:22 EDT 2014 Genna Kules Takoma Park, MD
3486 Mon Mar 31 19:53:28 EDT 2014 Dan Sweeton Lebanon, TN
3485 Fri Feb 28 00:09:02 EST 2014 Jamie Willis Billings, MT
3484 Mon Feb 17 15:22:10 EST 2014 jonathan veal harbor city, CA Not to reject makes me an accessory to their in my name "drive by" murder of innocents.
3483 Mon Jan 13 16:49:08 EST 2014 Sameer Yousuf Fairfax, VA It is harder to call our selves the home of the brave if we continue to attack citizens of other countries so cowardly.
3482 Mon Nov 25 15:53:50 EST 2013 Alec Collins Grand Prairie, TX This is an evil campaign of death
3481 Fri Nov 22 15:55:53 EST 2013 Thomas Askjellerud Vestby, NY
3480 Sun Nov 03 01:57:12 EST 2013 Nicole Gillard New York, NY
3479 Thu Oct 31 16:31:39 EDT 2013 Markus Messore Saratoga Springs, NY
3478 Thu Oct 31 14:38:07 EDT 2013 Silas Phipps-Costin Kennebunk, ME
3477 Wed Oct 30 22:48:04 EDT 2013 Susan Heckel Naples, FL This is inhuman and cowardly. It must stop.
3476 Tue Oct 22 01:19:12 EDT 2013 Sarah Lord Bellevue, WA We must resist by means that are not in contradiction to the end we seek or accept the consequences to being murderers or accomplices of murder. Though technology of drones has distanced us from taking More....
3475 Mon Oct 07 07:49:29 EDT 2013 bob bergdahl hailey, ID ADM Eric Olson, JSOC, "CIA needs to rethink it's drone policy..."
GEN Stanley McChrystal, "The death of one insurgent produces 20 more..."
3474 Mon Aug 26 03:28:22 EDT 2013 Lance Scott Seattle, WA
3473 Tue Jul 16 07:05:31 EDT 2013 rhonda kelly BRISBANE, ot The US actions are criminal can not believe that Obama has turned out to be a such a disappointment FDR would turn in his grave he if knew a President who was a Democrat signed off on kill lists weekly!SHAME! More....
3472 Fri Jun 21 22:35:37 EDT 2013 Karina Kreider Akron, PA
3471 Tue Jun 18 23:13:17 EDT 2013 joshua Yarno Kuna, ID
3470 Thu May 30 11:58:19 EDT 2013 gavin schulte rochester, MI
3469 Thu May 30 11:56:12 EDT 2013 Alyssa Hartshorn Rochester Hills, MI This cowardly warfare murders innocent people! And frankly, I don't trust the CIA, President, or congress.
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